Thursday, 18 August 2011

NGS-GS6882A Presentation 1

To create greater transparency, I will share what I will be looking for when assessing your presentation next week.

For the scientific article, ask yourself the following questions,
(1) what is the status of the research field prior to the publication of the article?
(2) what are the "major" knowledge gap in this research area at that period?
(3) if and how the authors try to address this gap?
(4) what are the experimental models and tools the authors used? Why did they choose these models and tools?
(5) Are you able to identify other approaches or tools that can be used to answer these questions?
(6) do the results support the conclusions?
(7) how do the results contribute to the knowledge "gap"?
(8) what should be the next stage of investigation?

Good luck!


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  1. Thanks for the advise, it is most helpful. This will allow us to address the right questions during the presentation.