Sunday, 30 September 2012

LSM4213 SDL2

Please remember the word limit imposed on the SDL. The focus should be on asking why, not how to do? Why are you proposing this research question(s)? Why are you chosing this method? What will this method tell you? How does this expected info relate to your research question(s)?

Do not spend the word limit describing the experimental method. This is information that does not address the knowledge gap(s).

Thursday, 20 September 2012

LSM4213 Discussion for SDL2

Use this space to discuss about SDL2. You can post and reply to the topics.

For a start, the SDL2 question ask your group to examine insulin effect on AD in a mouse model. Firstly, your group has to decide on the research question(s). For example, does insulin only affect cognition but not amyloid pathology? Or vice versa? Or both?

While ApoE4 is a strong genetic risk factor AD, you can choose if your group want to include this genetic element in your research question(s)? Whatever your group decides, please remember to choose the appropriate animal model to pursue your research question.