Sunday, 22 April 2012

LSM3224 Revision

I have cleared my Inbox, but if I have not reply to your email(s) on my lectures, pls re-send. Nice to keep it short. If you need to discuss (voice, virtual or in-person), pls drop me an email on your available timings and dates.

Things to note for the exam:
(1) Sleep well so that you can think well - you need this!
(2) Answer what the question is asking. Remember, snake does not have legs.
(3) As repeatedly mentioned in my lectures, you are expected to analysis and discuss the given experimental results or scenario. For example, part 2 of lecture 2 is a good starter.

Good Luck!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Yale-NUS college! An interesting insight (unofficial of course)

Something not available in local official press, nor in our official NUS mailing.

A very detailed analysis of the Yale-NUS tie-up from a non-official perspective.

MIT education? Singapore education?

The open, "free" MIT education.

Why do US university education need to be so expensive? Most current students are likely to die before fully paying their college debts. Are universities so inefficient.

University is a teaching institution. While research is becoming more expensive, the army of adminstrators are increasing even faster. University is slowly becoming a Bureaucracy - forgetting their purpose in pursuit of more regulations to fulfill their annual KPIs.

Textbooks - digital vs paper

The big rich traditional publishers are busy suing the digital startup ebook publishers. It's time to embrace change, rather than waiting for change to covert you.

startup get sued.

To include twitter in teaching?

Twitter is increasing use in humanities teaching. Can it also be used for life sciences courses?

an example..